Congratulations to one of my favourite authors, Karen Grose!

This week, Amnesty International announced The Dime Box by Canadian author Karen Grose as their 2021 March/April Book Club novel to coincide with International Women’s Day.

Set in Ontario, The Dime Box is the story of a young woman, Greta Giffen, who is accused of murdering her father. The novel embodies the theme of domestic violence, yet also includes themes of justice, the search for identity, adoption, and how we, as society, define family.

Canadian author Lawrence Hill describes The Dime Box as “a quintessential book club novel, with an unforgettable protagonist, and where every character faces moral dilemmas and is forced to make difficult choices.”

Amnesty International chose The Dime Box as their 2021 Book Club novel for a number of reasons.

“In regular times, the characters and themes inherent in The Dime Box successfully highlight the lasting impact of domestic abuse and gender-based violence on survivors. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, these significant impacts have become further exasperated. Lockdowns and other public health restrictions have led and continue to lead to higher rates of gender-based violence, less access to sexual and reproductive health services, increased unpaid care work, and much more. In choosing The Dime Box for Amnesty International’s Book Club selection of March/April 2021, our hope is that people will begin to have their own conversations about these issues, and join us in solidarity to ensure survivors have access to protection and justice, as well as to shelters, helplines, and other vital services and supports. 

A pandemic is not an excuse to violate women’s rights!” –Amnesty International

When I talked to Karen, she said:

“It is deeply humbling Amnesty International chose The Dime Box as their 2021 March/April book club novel. Supporting girls’ and women’s rights is one of the most pressing human rights issues of our time. Together, through conversation and taking action to combat injustice, we can help to create an inclusive world.” -Karen Grose

The Amnesty International Book Club engages readers by connecting important books to real-world human rights issues. Hosted by acclaimed guest readers, a Discussion Guide is created which includes the guest readers thoughts, discussion questions, background information on their chosen issue in their chosen book, and an action that can be taken on a current human rights case. Past renowned authors chosen for the book club include Zarqa Nawaz, Catherine Hernandez, Margaret Atwood, Shyam Salvadurai, Cherie Dimaline and Lawrence Hill.

Karen Grose was born in Canada and lives with her family in Toronto. After a long career as a teacher, principal and superintendent, she turned her attention to writing. The Dime Box is her debut novel and she is currently working on a second. Karen is a member of Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime-National, and Sisters in Crime-Toronto Chapter. When she isn’t writing, she consults in the global EdTech sector and walks her high-strung French bulldog, Ruby, on the boardwalk of Lake Ontario.

Originally published on Pens, Paints and Paper by Diane Bator.

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