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The Dime Box is a thriller with a refreshing take on the murder mystery genre. With an engaging character to follow and an elusive mystery to solve, readers will have plenty to enjoy in Karen Grose’s novel.” – Literary Titan

“A well-paced debut novel by Karen Grose, sure to pique the interest of the curious reader. Recommended to those who enjoy novels with flashback/forward narratives, as well as the reader who likes to read books set in rural Canada.” – Matt Pechey on Reedsy

“For a debut novel, this is an author to watch. Karen Grose carefully weaves the present with the past in the story of Greta….neglected, abused and isolated with her parents in the woods of Muskoka. In the present, she is the prime suspect for the murder of her own father and as the stories unravel the reader has to distinguish Greta’s truth from the fiction she tells the detectives. I couldn’t put it down. The Dime Box will keep you up at night wondering about how its all going to end. I would highly recommend this book for any secondary school or public library collection. ” – Alanna King from THREADBARE BEAUTY

“In the tradition of the phrase, be careful what you wish for, The Dime Box takes you down the winding paths of Greta’s life. Bit by bit more is revealed as to why Greta has trouble remembering or has chosen not to remember until being questioned.  With a determined Police Detective and Greta’s insistence on telling the whole “why” of her story, I was engaged from the first page. This was a riveting read that kept my nose in the book.  I was left with some questions as the author gives tiny peeks into some of the smaller character’s lives and being a curious person, I now want to know more about Colleen and Detective Perez and their motivations.” Jennie Rosenblum from

The Dime Box is a well-crafted tale of possibilities, opportunities and despair. I didn’t anticipate the ending. “Life has no clean endings”. Perry Sound may yet unlock the secrets to the Dime Box. The mystery continues and I am hooked.” -J.S.

“I enjoyed The Dime Box to the point where I read it in two days! Very readable story that weaves in perspectives on important social issues – poverty, the justice system, abusive relationships – without weighing down the narrative. Range of perspectives will appeal to young adults as well as the more mature ;-). Would love to read a sequel.” – L.P.

“I have not stayed up into the night reading in a long time….but The Dime Box did that for me. I couldn’t put it down. I loved how the author unveiled the story like peeling layers off an onion. Bit by bit we get to find out Greta’s story. A great debut book. I also cannot wait for more books by this author!” – Lori

“A MUST READ!!! Once you start reading, you will not be able to put The Dime Box down. The author makes you feel like you’re right there with Greta in her journey.” – M.L.

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