Loving Libraries and Librarians

Libraries are the heart and soul of our schools and communities. With this in mind, it was an honour to present at the 2020 Ontario Library SuperConference last week alongside my colleagues of the Crime Writers of Canada.  Writers have deep respect for the expertise, skills and never ending hard work of public and school […]

The Dime Box Goes Down Under

An interview by Kate J. Foster, a professional editor from Australia. Who are you and what do you write? Thank you for having me on your blog, Kate. So humbled to be here with you. My name is Karen, I’m from Toronto, Canada, and I write thrillers. My first novel, The Dime Box, was just released […]

A Moment of Gratitude

As the clock ticks down to the official release of The Dime Box on Monday November 25, I find myself consumed with a range of emotion. Excited? Nervous? Exhilarated? Anxious? It feels like being strapped into a rollercoaster, looping left, right and upside down, faster and faster, the car wheels screeching, barely touching the rails. […]

The Dime Box – Now Available!

‘The Dime Box’… It’s everything a domestic thriller should be and so much more. A book that leaves its mark on you—paints pictures in your head, complete with images you can’t unsee and feelings you can’t shake—is a book that’s achieved its purpose. ‘The Dime Box’, the debut novel by Karen Grose, does exactly that. Your […]