Gratitude for a Special Gift

When a writer puts words to a page, it’s normal to feel a surge of adrenaline. Yet I believe it’s also normal that adrenaline is mixed with a healthy measure of self-doubt. Will anyone read this novel? I hope so. What if they do? Inhale. Exhale. Panic. Will they like it? Will they not? After […]

Ramona Meharg Interviews Karen Grose

Ramona Meharg, host of I wish I Knew EDU, interviews Karen Grose, author of The Dime Box. This Week on I Wish I Knew EDU, I’m talking to Karen Grose @kgrose2 about her journey from Teacher to Supt, @tvo #EdTech, equity of access, the writing process, telling your story and her first novel #TheDimeBox. Listen […]

#mrscorbettsbookclub interview with author Karen Grose

Alanna King hosts Lisa Corbett and her guest Karen Grose, author of her debut novel The Dime Box. Lisa asks Karen about the impetus for the novel and her writing process. Grose talks about the research she needed to do to accurately create the power dynamics that gradually reveal Greta’s origin story. Listen to the […]

Karen Grose discusses The Dime Box

An interview by Diane Bator, member of the Crime Writers of Canada and the Headwater Writers’ Guild. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen at a writing event before we went into self-isolation for Covid-19 and bought a copy of her novel. Tell us about your life outside of writing. I’m a mom, an educator […]

The Lakefield Herald – Interview with Karen Grose

Stephanie McPherson is a librarian with the Trent Lakes Library. In this unprecedented time, I decided to reach out to interview local authors. My first interview is with Karen Grose, who has a house in Trent Lakes. Karen’s debut novel, The Dime Box, was released internationally a few months ago. Full article available in the […]

Epilogue Author Interview: Karen Grose

We are so excited to welcome Karen Grose! Her book, The Dime Box, was published in November: “Buried secrets lie closest to the heart. Greta Giffen barely escaped being murdered by the man she grew up with. She’s not sure who Ian is, or who she is, but she’s determined to find out. When she bolts from […]

Reader’s Corner

Thank you for choosing to read The Dime Box. Please check out these photos from readers like you! Do you have individual, group, or book club photos that you would like to share? Upload them using the form below. Upload Image to Reader’s Corner

Cozying Up with Book Clubs

Winter may not be everyone’s favourite season, but the cold, biting temperatures are a great reason to stay inside and read. In the past two weeks, I had the honour of attending two book clubs-one in Lawrence Park in the evening, the other in the afternoon in Scarborough. In the warmth of both homes, accompanied […]

Reviews of The Dime Box

Read what others have to say about The Dime Box! I hope these reviews will inspire you to pick up a copy of your own from one of these retailers. “For a debut novel, this is an author to watch. Karen Grose carefully weaves the present with the past in the story of Greta….neglected, abused […]

Loving Libraries and Librarians

Libraries are the heart and soul of our schools and communities. With this in mind, it was an honour to present at the 2020 Ontario Library SuperConference last week alongside my colleagues of the Crime Writers of Canada.  Writers have deep respect for the expertise, skills and never ending hard work of public and school […]

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