Do you see me?
Alone, I am resolute
Towering sunflowers, Gran’s churned butter dripping from cobs of field-picked corn, Post-it notes and warning signs and egg yolks, the tang of lemon drops, the deep gold of antiquity. Daffodils are stars over prairie wheat fields that move in waves.

Blue is my lover
Cloudless skies invite my energy, drawing it upward, then the vast expansion of ocean embraces me at dusk, whispers of promises.

If I rebuff, I delight in friends—

With Ruby, I’m tiger lilies and painted duck lips and bearded dragons and wedding carrots. Jack-O’-Lanterns on porches keeping houses safe.

With Cyan, lush grasses, rebirth in spring. Money, financial freedom. Sibling rivalry, the flecks in my father’s eyes, currency to cling to through years passing like yesterday.

Iris hides me in chocolate fudge and chestnuts at county fairs, behind locked wooden doors of lost opportunity which helped mold us into who we are today.

Forever enchanted with red and orange, I’m the shade of a day-old bruise, the sacrifice of soldiers, a first prom dress sophisticated and elegant, the leathery skin of a plum protecting its juice.

Bold with my magenta ally, I’m ALL CAPS, a raging fire, forbidden words. An unproductive heat people warn is best tamed. But there is something about that burn, rising in the crests and falls of tides, which can be channeled to use in constructive ways.
My carousel of emotion has no beginning, no end, omnipresent, patterns ever-changing,
At times it unmoors, leaving minds blown, uncertain, lonely and afraid

Yet when darkness engulfs, fireworks pierce the night. A silver screech, violet, a brilliant blue pop, vibrant hot white, multicoloured stilettos,
As you wait for answers, I’ll reach out to give your hand a little squeeze, gently pushing you forward, small steps of courage,
Like air and liquid and atoms and cells, all my iterations filling you with wonder.

A fierceness
Infinite possibilities.

A Thousand Iterations of Yellow was published October 2022 by Roi Faineant Press. This was my first published poem and I am forever grateful. It felt so good.

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