Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Rougemount Book Club. This group gets together monthly to explore new titles, discuss different points of view and interpret characters, metaphors and themes in novels. Established leaders serving a diverse range of sectors, members pick the books, so it was beyond humbling to learn The Dime Box was selected as their next read.

Invited to join this inspiring group of literary-minded friends and neighbours for the evening, off I went. After an introduction to the context of The Dime Box and a reading from the novel, our chatter turned to topics such as the craft of writing, research required behind writing fiction, and the business of writing and publishing. And lots of laughter and lots of questions!

Have you ever killed off a character?

Yes. It’s necessary when they’re not doing what they need to do to push the novel forward.

Is it easy?

No. I cried. It nearly killed me.

Now The Dime Box is written, how do you push it out of your mind?

Though half way through writing my second novel now, I can’t do it. Greta, the novel’s protagonist, is still very real and lives within me.

How did you determine the age of the audience for the book?

Yeah. About that. To be honest, as a new writer I was focused on getting the story on the page. Might I have considered it earlier? Maybe. But what I shared was since The Dime Box was released, the kind feedback I’ve received from readers ranging age 14-80 has been overwhelming.

Wine and punch flowing, a table covered in appetizers, plates of assorted cheese and delectable sweets (oh those peanut butter balls!), the conversation flowed freely all evening. Thank you Rougemount Book Club. It was an honour. My deepest gratitude.

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