A gift of The Dime Box

When a writer puts words to a page, it’s normal to feel a surge of adrenaline. Yet I believe it’s also normal that adrenaline is mixed with a healthy measure of self-doubt. Will anyone read this novel? I hope so. What if they do? Inhale. Exhale. Panic. Will they like it? Will they not? After all, not every novel resonates with every reader.

One thing for certain is either way, readers are going to let you know. When they do, I’m always grateful. The fact readers take time out of their busy lives to message to ask a question, to share their favourite part of the novel, to make suggestions about plot points they may have liked to know more about or to discuss how a specific character resonates with their own life experience is an honour. I learn something each time i read those messages and always write, tweet or DM back. 

Today I was blown away when a reader sent me a hand made dime box.  For those who have read The Dime Box, you’ll already know it’s significance. Though the dime box in the novel is purely a figment of my imagination, it was utterly overwhelming to actually see one, run my fingers along its edges, feel the smooth grain of the wood and to lift the lid and sniff the paint inside.

I will treasure this gift and am in awe of its creativity and artistry. Thank you.  Greta would love it!

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