Her Name is Grace

She sits on top of a mountain, crossesher legs andbounces a free foot in the air, fields are barren in the valleybelow, skin cracked and brokenpot-bellied kids wail, a ferociousnessnot even a mother can stem. She blows hot air to the heavens,tossing the cloudsdrags painted fingernails across thescorched earth, gauging it like acheckerboard. Fat drops […]

Ready, Now

It’s Friday night, late   I boot up a DVD, so last centurythe screen flickers, a flash, memories caught in timeme, draped in white silk, toes squished into Jimmy Cho’s. you, that smile, a penguin, hands reaching out to mine.To love and cherish forever.When did the trouble begin? Not during takeoff, the airport, a honeymoon of […]

Unveiling My Poetry Haven: A Glimpse into my New Poetry Section

Dear readers, I’m overjoyed to introduce you to a new chapter in my literary journey – a haven where emotions flow freely, dreams take shape, and the human experience finds its voice. Welcome to my poetry section. Within these lines, you’ll discover a world painted with the hues of my heart and the cadence of […]

Power Down

The room is sterile, institutional, walls the colour of egg yolk, a dying plant on the window ledge. Four beds, women with broken hips, grey hair fine as mist, arms like milky reeds, their eight-veined feet pressed together as though in prayer. Harried on my lunchbreak I sit, no fan of sticky plastic seats. Gran points a […]

Aisle Three

I plod down the street to the corner, a walker as my guide careful to navigate the cracks on the sidewalk, heat bouncing off the pavement.Inside the store sweat drips down my back and my chest in rivers I pass by aisle one and twosharp righttugging open the glass door at the end of aisle […]

Switching Gears

my brother is off to school,backpack over a shouldereyes glued to the phone in handwhite buds dangling from his ears. he doesn’t turn when I wave,his head bobs and the only sound on the streetare his big floppy feetslapping the pavement. as he approaches corner to cross the road alone, my heart beats hard and […]

A Thousand Iterations of Yellow

Do you see me? Alone, I am resolute Towering sunflowers, Gran’s churned butter dripping from cobs of field-picked corn, Post-it notes and warning signs and egg yolks, the tang of lemon drops, the deep gold of antiquity. Daffodils are stars over prairie wheat fields that move in waves. Blue is my lover Cloudless skies invite […]